What Yoga Means to Me …


Yoga translates as ‘union’. This can be interpreted is so many ways but my personal favourite  is that the aim of yoga is to become closer and closer to nature until we are one and the same – enlightenment. And what do I mean by ‘nature’ you may ask? That incomprehensible universe we call home and everything in it. I try to take a few humble (and terrifying) minutes each day to ponder on where I am in the vast scale of things.

Try it now ….

Really yoga’s main aim is meditation. The physical (asana) practice is needed for two reasons. Firstly so we can cleanse the body allowing energy to run through freely. Secondly so we can sit in a meditation posture for a long time without being distracted by an aching or stiff body. Don’t get me wrong, a yoga class is hugely beneficial to combat stress, disease, injury, anxiety and more. However it can take you beyond mental and physical health.

For me yoga is developing a state of mind and body where I can connect to the bigger picture and gain some understanding of those big questions in life. Who am I? Why am I here? I may never understand, but thankfully on the journey I actually find that I enjoy life more and more. I notice more around me. I become more and more aware.

You know that fuzzy feeling when you don’t remember how you got from the bus stop to your front door? You were lost in thought and you lost out on memories that build up a life. For many people whole days disappear like this. Wake up!

Look at the sky. Taste your food. Feel the rain. Listen to your friends in conversation.

Be present.

So I hope I haven’t ended up confusing you. I just wanted to share my true relationship with yoga beyond getting my headstand straight and putting my hands on the ground in a forward fold. There is just so much more to it.

All my love. Namaste,