About Me


Hi! I’m Emma Sparrow – yogi, scuba diver, vegan and feminist

My goal in life is to spread joy into other peoples lives by adapting the way they think. The human mind is a complicated thing, I want to challenge your habitual thought processes to help you experience life with more awareness. To live is to be drunkenly and joyously aware! Have fun, be silly, dance, move and embrace life with open arms.

My career down the yoga path all started when I was introduced to meditation through an app called ‘Headspace‘. I recommend this app to anyone and everyone because it has completely changed my life. I became less anxious and I seemed to be present in my experiences like my senses were working overtime. Seeing as I was meditating and cooking plant based health food I remember thinking to myself – “complete the cliche here and do more yoga”. That I did and I loved it. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm since. I keep coming back to the mat to listen to my body and watch it transform into something strong, increasingly flexible and full of energy.

This all led to me realizing that I wanted to share what I have learnt so other people can feel amazing too. I went on to complete my 200 hour yoga instructor course in Rishikesh, India in 2016 with Vinyasa Yoga School. An added bonus was that I found out I just love to teach!! I am now accredited with Yoga Alliance and I continue to educate myself purely because I can’t stop.

I taught yoga in Manchester, UK, 2016-2017 and met some incredible students. I adapted my own personal teaching style and discovered my passion for writing the blogs you find on this website. I left the UK in May 2017 to train as a Womb Yoga teacher and Preganancy Yoga teacher with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. As of July 2017 I will be working as a yoga teacher and scuba diving leader in Malaysia. I will be working for Orca Scuba on the idyllic island of Pulau Rawa. Come join me for a calming yoga retreat in paradise!

I hope you enjoy reading through some of my articles and if you have any suggestions or comments I would just love to hear them.

Emma  XXX