Oh I wish every weekend could be full of dancing, yoga and general awesomeness. Last weekend was the 4Water congress in Lyon, France. Before I start babbling on about how incredible the weekend was let me tell you about 4Water.

4Water is an organisation that allows people to share their skills and passions to raise money for Water Aid. It was started in 2009 by Sam in Glasgow who loved to Salsa and wanted to share his enthusiasm while making a difference to the world. He researched extensively to decide on which charity he was going to raise money for and decided on Water Aid’s projects in Ethiopia. All of 4Water’s profits go straight to Water Aid amounting to over £105,000 so far!

Water Aid is helping to provide access to clean water – a huge global issue. 650 million people live without safe water which causes 900 children to die every day. By taking part in any 4Water project you are not just learning fun skills for a cheap price, you are also saving lives.

So I went to the congress with the amazing Rosanne. Rosanne was inspired to set up Yoga4Water in Manchester after meeting Sam and other 4Water teachers at a wedding. I heard about it and got involved as a teacher in the winter. We now have 4 regular yoga teachers and 3 regular classes a week in the Students Union for just £5/£3 (student) a class! Please check out the Yoga4Water Facebook page here for events and details. We run Vinyasa, Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga classes – something for everyone!


Back to the congress …

Although Rosanne constantly oozes positivity about the 4Water team it was something else to meet them in person. We were off to a good start arriving an hour late to teach our partner yoga class! Running around, getting on the wrong tram – ahhhrgh! We made it and received such a warm welcome. Everyone seemed to enjoy the class with lots of giggles!!! We then learn to dance everything from Beyonce style to Chango – the god of sex, drums and lightning!!Most of the 4Water projects are dance related so Yoga4Water and Languages4Water stuck together at the back feet all over the place.


I want to say a huge thank you so the kind hosts in Lyon. Beds / floor space were provided for us along with incredible hospitality. I won’t forget the kind people I met who have all made the world a better place one dance, language class or climb at a time.

The most striking feeling from the weekend can be summed up in one word – ‘community’. There was a sense of community among us which is rare to find. That is what Rosanne and I want to build in Manchester but we can’t do it alone! We want to start a Manchester4Water society at The University of Manchester but to do that we need students! We need 3 students, a chair, a secretary and a treasurer to organise the various 4Water events.

We also want to inspire new projects to grow. Do you have a skill / passion? Whether it is art, cooking, your native language or trampolining you can gain valuable leading experience while raising money for a hugely worthy cause. Interested? Please contact either me (Emma Sparrow) or Rosanne Goh.

Let’s spread the 4Water love into a vibrant community here in Manchester. Do I hear a hell yeah???!!
ABBA ROBA , Konso, Ethiopia.






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