Why I’m Vegan


One year ago I was a meat loving, dairy drinking, cheese on everything kind of girl. Admittedly I did love vegetables too and a student budget meant meat was a once or twice a week thing. So what changed?

There is a huge shift at the moment and everyone can feel it. There are vegetarians popping up all over the shop. I spoke to a few vegetarian friends about it all of whom are more than happy to share their thoughts so I thought I would do a little digging myself. I guess there was my turning point, I was curious to know the truth about what I was eating, curious enough to risk never eating delicious roast duck again.

I watched ‘cowspiracy’ (watch it), I watched ‘earthlings’ (watch it with tissues) and I read ‘Eating Animals’ and started reading the nutrition bible ‘Healing with Wholefoods’. They gave me all my motives so I had to weigh up the pros and cons of meat:


  • It tastes good
  • It’s convenient


  • The meat industry damages the environment
  • Meat is unsustainable
  • The production of meat from crops in inefficient
  • The animals in factory farms (where most meat comes from) are cruelly treated
  • I’m eating the flesh of a creature which once had feelings just like me
  • Animal protein is hard to digest
  • Meat is high in cholesterol and fat

I turned vegetarian for ethical, environmental and health reasons.

I went vegan 6 months later because any animal product is the result of confined and cruelly treated animals.

I made my decisions because I want to live true to my own conscience. I don’t live with any guilt or in ignorance. My diet is healthy, delicious and loving. I don’t try convert anyone I come across because everyone needs a different amount of time. If you are curious I am always here to offer my own genuine opinions and help with recipes etc.


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